Active Learning Classrooms – a summary by Derek Bruff

For several years we are talking about active learning in classrooms and the specific needs for (real world) classroom design. I’ve recently found this summary a recent research on Active Learning Classrooms by the well known Clicker-and-CAS-Guru Derek Bruff. For sure worth reading it! Main outcomes:

* Active Learning classrooms (ALC) was identified as a top strategic technologyin EDUCAUSE’s 2017 survey of higher education information technology leaders.

* Education and technology experts should advice together the setup for new classrooms.

* A study by  Soneral and Wyse (2017) found no difference in student outcomes between the high-tech and low-tech ALCs.

* Using ALC doesn’t lead automatically to better results, there has to be a change in teaching.

see the full review here: Active Learning Classrooms: What We Know

By the way: A nice review of a pilot project at ETH’s physics department can be found here: Deliscope.